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Southery Village Community Activities

If you would like to share pictures, news items, or messages across the community then please send them to the Village Voice. Things that may be of interest to the community such as pictures of the Thursday evening clapping for front-line personnel. Pictures of the village during the lockdown, wildlife around the village etc. We will publish these images online and include them in the Village-Voice newsletter (online version only at present). 

The Village-Voice newsletter will continue as an online version which we hope people will be able to download and send via phone apps or email around the village at the present time.

Please remember you can subscribe for an electronic version of the newsletter to be sent each month by email.

Please keep safe and remember to protect yourselves and protect those around you. 


Swish are happy to announce that the Panto is on (subject to Government guidance)

Auditions will be 17th September at 7.30pm and 20th September at 4.30pm, at the Village Hall

Performance dates are January 14th - 16th 2021. 

Keep your eyes open to hear what we will be performing! 

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MacMillan Coffee Morning

After much consideration I have decided that I will not be holding a MacMillan Coffee Morning and Bingo on Friday 25th September due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation. In my mind a coffee morning is where friends meet and have a chat and socialise.  This is not possible at the moment. Sorry. Perhaps when things get better I can arrange something then. If anyone would like to donate to MacMillan, I would be pleased to send donations to them. Beryl.

Royal British Legion - Poppy Appeal 2020

I have been advised by the British Legion that there will be no house to house collection, or face to face collection this year due to Coronavirus. I will be able to get wreaths an d crosses, so if your organisation wishes to have a wreath please let me know as soon as possible so that I can arrange the order. Discussions are on going to see if collecting boxes for premises are permissible. Beryl

Darker Evenings 

It is that time of the year again when we start seeing the evenings and mornings getting darker. At the end of October, we will be shifting back to GMT and entering the dark months.  With schools reopening and the evenings still warm enough for the children to be outside, we face the annual problem of visibility as darkness comes. Last year there were several reported instances in the village of children riding bikes without lights in the dark and others not being visible enough when crossing roads etc. 


Please ensure that as the evenings draw in that extra care is taken to ensure that you are wearing visible clothing and that bikes have lights that work. 


The Village Voice is currently speaking to one of our sponsor companies about the provision of reflective wrist straps for kids in the village to help make sure that there is good visibility as we enter the autumn and winter months. 


If you are a parent and think that this would be a good idea for our village then please email contact@village-voice and let us know that you would be interested in receiving wrist straps and the number, you might require. If we have a clear indication that there is a strong demand within the village then we will work out a way to make wrist straps available. If you have other ideas for making sure our village is safe during these months, then please email us your suggestions.


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